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Born in Mönchengladbach (Germany) in the seventies, I travelled the world for many years, spent one year in India, three years in the UK and almost twenty years in Andalucía in the South of Spain. I love gardening, baking sourdough bread and generally trying out new things. As a result of this endless curiousity, I've worked as a photographer, homeopath, waiter, record dealer, chauffeur, beach assistant and DJ. In the last decade I've discovered a passion for writing and filmmaking, and since 2022 I've been studying astrology - another career path ahead? Probably. 


The world amazes and frustrates me at the same time. So much beauty and so much misery, a mind-blowing mystery. 

Sometimes I lose hope but I usually manage to find it again. Acceptance helps. And gratitude.

My home is nowhere and everywhere, and my favourite thing to do is hanging out with my wonderful daughter. 

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