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Born in Mönchengladbach (Germany) in the seventies, I spent several years travelling around the world, was involved in transition towns and bands, in organic gardens and holistic health projects. Generally I just love trying out new things! I've worked as a photographer, homeopath, waiter, record dealer, chauffeur, beach assistant and DJ, to name but a few. More recently I've discovered a passion for writing and filmmaking.


The world amazes and frustrates me at the same time. So much beauty and so much misery, a mind-blowing mystery. I really think we can and should make things better - for everyone! 

People I admire most are those who don't stop dreaming even though they're being kept awake by the cruel side of life. People who care. Those who fight hatred with love.

Sometimes I lose hope but most of the time I find it again. Acceptance helps. And gratitude. And chocolate.

I live in both Germany and Andalucía (Spain), I have one daughter and I believe that juggling is one of the best forms of meditation. 

Thanks for dropping by!

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