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Fridays for Frida

As the world is rushing to get everyone vaccinated against Covid-19, another problem is getting very little attention. A problem that is far bigger than Covid-19, and for which there won’t be any vaccine. Ever!

The problem is called climate crisis. Or environmental crisis, or mind-blowing ecological disaster, or ‘abusing-nature-as-a-big-rubbish-bin-insanity’, or any other name you feel comfortable with. The name doesn’t matter. What matters is that our home is quickly becoming uninhabitable.

I wrote a book about our situation. A fictional story set in a non-fictional world. The protagonist? 82-year old Frida.

Fridays for Frida is a story about responsibility, joy and change; about the destruction of nature and the power of those who have the courage to see things for what they are. With each day, more people find that courage – first they worry, then they hope and finally they act. Frida is one of them.

The book is available in English and German, as a paperback and audio book. Furthermore, I’m offering the PDF version for FREE. Just visit the website to download your copy, and if you like it, share it!

Frida is truly a heartfelt heroine with whom you would love to chat

and who you would like to become.

(Soliana B.)

Today, March 19th 2021, is global climate action day. The perfect day to meet Frida.


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