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Astrology - the wisdom of the stars

Astrology can give us permission to become more 'who we are in essence',
rather than to try and distort ourselves into being what others, or what society expects us to be.

(Clare Martin)

Shining stars in the night sky

The rational, Saturn-driven sceptic in me used to say astrology is just an illusion. But the more I learned about this ancient art, diving deep into the language of the stars with its sacred symbols, the quieter this critical voice became. There are simply too many coincidences! In every astrological chart you see clear and often magical connections between the sky and the earth, between above and below, between your own mini cosmos and the vast empty space. The birth chart tells a story about these connections, about who we are and who we could be.  A story about accepeting what is - and choosing the future.


Astrology is an immensely powerful tool to gain self-knowledge. You learn about the natural cycles of your life, about your blind spots, about where to find courage and strength and joy. The stars tell us about opportunities and challenges, about our destiny and our free will. Always offering and guiding, never insisting or obliging. 

I was drawn to astrology all my life, but it hasn't been until early 2022 that I've started studying it. First with Emilio Perez in Berlin, then with Graham Ibell in New Zealand, and currently with the Faculty of Astrological Studies in the UK. Every day I'm becoming better at interpreting this special universal language, but as with any other language you learn, if you want to become fluent at it, you have to practice as much as possible. Long story short: Currently I am still offering astrological chart readings at a student rate. Grab your chance while it's there ;-)

If you want to get a reading, we need to book a one hour session. It will take place online. For the preparation I will need your birth date, birth time as well as your place of birth.  Any questions, just send me a message by clicking below.


An astrological chart used for a reading

Our true vocation is to be ourselves.


(Marilyn Feruson)

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