I've worked as a photographer, DJ and writer for many years. At some point I wondered what would happen if I combined these three skills - that's how I ended up making films.

Below you will find a selection of documentary films I've produced (visit my YOUTUBE channel for a full list), including a full-feature documentary about CHANGE plus shorter films about an ORGANIC FARMERCLOWNING and HAPPINESS.


Depending on workload, I am also available for corporate videos on occasion. If you need a video for your business, please get in touch. Samples are available at the bottom of the page.


Most of us struggle with things we cannot change, such as the inevitability of death. We also struggle with things we can change, like finding a more meaningful job, a happier relationship or dealing with ethical issues such as buying fair-trade clothes.


I set out on a journey to discover why we are this way. I travelled to four different countries and talked to eight very different people: A mother, a school teacher, a rapper, a Buddhist, a yoga teacher, a clown, an ex-banker turned sailor and a funeral celebrant.


Anicca is a very personal, honest and inspirational documentary about key issues regarding our struggle with change: fear, courage, trust and the big challenge of accepting reality as it is.


Full documentary available in English, German and Spanish @ www.aniccathefilm.com


A documentary about JOSÉ - an old Andalusian farmer who was born under a fig tree and has worked his land for over 60 years in an organic way. The film is in Spanish with English subtitles.


Angela Hopkins speaks about CLOWNING, fear and the importance of trust in relation to change. Extract from ANICCA - EMBRACING CHANGE. More info @ www.aniccathefilm.com


What makes you happy? A simple question with lots of different answers... Feel inspired!


Market production of UN VIENTO SUR.

Video of a photoshoot of the design label MUST BE MUSE.

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