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Inspirational books

The first two parts of The Little Buddha book series



The international bestselling series from Germany. The books are full of stories inviting you to take a deep breath, reflect on life and smile.

A  dedicated page to the series is  HERE.


Part 2: LOOKING FOR LOVE (2019)

Parts 3 o 6 in english: SOON!

Illustrated by Kate Chesterton

Book cover of Miss God

MISS GOD (2020)

Miss God is a book that makes you question your own beliefs, while at the same time inviting you to believe in something. It is a book about two people, young and unimaginably old, spending an afternoon talking about life, looking out to sea, and finding new ways to interpret old wisdoms. A feelgood book for times of crisis! 

More info @ Ammonite Press

Miss God book trailer @ Youtube

Book cover of Fridays for Frida


Fridays for Frida is a story about responsibility, joy and change; about the destruction of nature and the power of those who have the courage to see things for what they are. With each day, more people find that courage - first they worry, then they hope, and finally they act. Frida is one of them.

More info + free download @

A call from the unknown, experiencing Ayahuasca book cover


In the summer of 2012 I participated in a ceremony with the sacred plant teacher AYAHUASCA. It turned out to be the most intense, terrifying and divine experience I’ve ever had – a wild ride to a different reality! Being an author, I decided to write a book about it. 

Free download (pdf) @

Book cover for Señor Gonzalez

SEÑOR GONZALEZ (2018) - only in German and Korean

Niklas, in his early 30s, decides to take a break in the South of Spain. There he meets Señor Gonzalez, an old gardener who has been growing vegetables naturally for decades. Niklas spends a few hours a day helping him with the gardening and learns not only about growing leeks and tomatoes, but above all about serenity, mindfulness and frugality.



The paperback version of Señor Gonzalez, published by Penguin. The content is identical, only the cover and title have changed.

Der kleine Garten am Meer - Cover

SEÑOR GONZALEZ (2019) in Korean

Señor Gonzalez - Cover Korea
Charlie and the dream of freedom - book cover

CHARLIE AND THE DREAM OF FREEDOM (2015) - only in German

Who doesn't dream of boundless freedom from time to time? But freedom also requires courage: to let go, to give up certainties, to go your own way in a self-determined way. This enchanting story tells of a bird on his search for freedom, a story about opportunities and risks and the happiness of being carried by life.

Mondays in the caravan - cover

MONDAYS IN THE CARAVAN (2013) - only in German

Ben lives in a small coastal town in Andalusia. When he becomes unemployed, he takes his savings and moves into a caravan to write a book. He finds inspiration in conversations with his nine-year-old daughter Lucía, who visits him every Monday and asks him questions about life.

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