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Ahimsa - Embracing Peace

Ahimsa - Embracing Peace

AHIMSA is the sequel to my first documentary film, ANICCA. This time it's not about change, but about peace.


I started working on the film in January 2022. When the situation in Ukraine escalated two months later, a few people approached me saying what a coincidence it was that I'm making a film about peace. I must have anticipated it, they said. The truth, however, has nothing to do with clairvoyance or coincidence. The reason I wanted to make a film about peace is because, for as long as I can remember, there's always been some armed conflict going on somewhere in the world. And in my everyday life, I also encounter many moments that aren't peaceful at all. So... If I'm not fully peaceful  - how can I expect a peaceful world?

Links to the full-feature documentary film

AHIMSA is available in three subtitled language versions. For free, on youtube. 

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If you've enjoyed watching AHIMSA - EMBRACING PEACE, please consider supporting me as an independent filmmaker. Camera and sound, pre-production and interviews, translating and editing - I eat a lot of good chocolate when making films, and good chocolate is expensive!

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Ahimsa - writer and filmmaker Claus Mikosch


Ahimsa - beekeeper and donker trekker Phil Miller
Ahimsa - Mayca rebirthing therapist

Mayca Prieto Vargas Machuca
rebirthing therapist

Ahimsa - prison coach Pete Meyer
Ahimsa - philosopher José Martin

José Martin

Ahimsa - artist Sami Hoad

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