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In 2015 I produced my first full-feature documentary, called Anicca - embracing change. Anicca was financed in part through a successful crowdfunding campaign, making it possible that thousands of viewers were inspired to have a healthier relationship with change.


AHIMSA is the sequel to Anicca - this time it's not about change, but about peace. I started working on the film in January 2022. When the situation in Ukraine escalated in February, a few people approached me saying what a coincidence it was that I do a film about peace. I must have anticipated it, they said. The truth, however, has nothing to do with coincidence. The reason I wanted to make a film about peace is because, for as long as I can remember, there's always been some armed conflict going on somewhere in the world. And in my everyday life, I also encounter many moments that aren't peaceful at all. I'm not fully peaceful  - so how can I expect a peaceful world? Therefore, the aim of this film is to inspire us to become more peaceful beings. 

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As with Anicca, I will need help. Even though the costs of making films has greatly decreased over the last two decades, producing a full-feature documentary is still expensive. Travel expenses, several months of editing, costs for music and translations - the list is long. So if you can and want to support AHIMSA, it would be highly appreciated. And you will get something in exchange too!

  • 20€ - your name in the end credits

  • 50€ - credits, plus the AHIMSA merchandising pack consisting of sticker, postcard and a surprise

  • 100€ - credits and merch pack, plus a limited edition organic AHIMSA t-shirt 

  • 500€ - all of the above, plus I will put a photo of you in my room and worship you for a week ;-)

Thank you for becoming part of AHIMSA - EMBRACING PEACE

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The crowdfunding campaign will close on December 15th, 2022 - any questions:

 info (at) clausmikosch (dot) com

AHIMSA protagonists

Ahimsa - Crowd squares - Jose.jpg

Jose - sailor

Ahimsa - Crowd squares - BenAnne 2.jpg

Annemarie & Ben - chefs

Ahimsa - Crowd squares - Mayca 1.jpg

Mayca - rebirther

Ahimsa - Crowd squares Claus 2_edited.jpg

Claus - writer

Ahimsa - Crowd squares - Pete 2.jpg

Pete - prison coach

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Ahimsa - Crowd squares - Sami 1.jpg

Samara - painter

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Phil - beekeeper