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The road to sanity

I’ve been writing a blog article every single month since 2010. Today is the last day of September 2021, and I almost skipped this one. It’s been one of the most intense months in a very long time – separation from a very special person, becoming houseless and carless and stuffless, my daughter moving to another city to study medicine, a massive wildfire just round the corner, yet another shortfilm festival participation, visits from friends and family, lots of goodbyes, and tears almost every day. On top of that a world that I find increasingly difficult to understand. In short: not much energy for writing at the moment.

The other day I saw a short video where John Lennon talks about the insane world, back in the late sixties. I pretty much feel the same today, so here’s the video: OUR SOCIETY IS RUN BY INSANE PEOPLE.

There must be a road to sanity. Somewhere.


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