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Inflation remedy

The official inflation rate in Europe has risen to 10%. Looking at extra money spent in the supermarket and at the petrol station, it feels more like 20%. And yet, it's still a comfortable bubble we're in. 'We', that's the rich Europeans and Americans. To make you feel better, here are some estimated inflation rates for 2022 for other parts on this beautiful planet:

  • Iran: 51%

  • Argentina: 72%

  • Lebanon: 201%

  • Zimbabwe: 557%

  • Venezuela: 2,355%

I really hope I will never have to experience the levels of Venezuela, but it seems safe to say that 10% or 20% won't be the upper limit in our little universe either. In other words: Your money is losing value! Slowly but surely, the fiat currency boat is sinking.

What to do? Buy gold. Buy crypto. Buy ETF's. Buy property.

All very well. But is it fun? And does it generate a feeling of doing something meaningful? In case the answer is no, here are three more options what you can do with your money:

  1. Spend it all while you can and at least collect some pleasurable memories.

  2. Give it to someone who doesn't have food today.

  3. Support my peace project. Only a few days left to join the Ahimsa family HERE


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