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Thank you

Imagine this year's lockdown without music, without books, without films. Many would have died of boredom and almost everyone would have suffered a lot more. Hence the obvious conclusion is that artists are indeed essential workers. We'd be living in an empty hell without them.

With or without a pandemic, I really love being creative. And I think it's the same for most other artists. There doesn't need to be a good reason or a financial motivation for a musician to write a song or a painter to paint a picture. On a few occasions I wondered what I'd do if I knew that I had only one day left to live. As strange as it might sound to some, I'd probably write one last piece for this blog.

You know why so many artists are relatively poor? Because they're so happy doing what they love that they forget about money. Seriously. When you connect to the source of the universe and write, paint, sing or dance, there's simply no space to think about money and marketing. Why would you care about such soulless stuff when you're floating in happiness?

But of course artists aren't always happy. Like everybody else we also go through times of sadness and doubt. This year it's been far worse than other years – not only because many of us couldn't work due to corona restrictions, but because we witnessed how governments gave more importance to airlines than to art. Is that healthy? Does it make sense? Do we, as society, want to continue like that? Do we really want to exchange music festivals for cheap flights?

So here's a big shout out to everyone who has been supporting independant artists this year. Thank you! We need you, and we love you. And on a very deep level, we are you.

I'd also like to thank everyone who has been following this blog for the last 10 years. You're like an invisible crowd for my monthly rants and I hope that most of the time you get something positive out of them. Because despite all complaining and criticising, my intention is always to make things better.

If you feel like ending 2020 with some good music – there are 58 mix tapes I've done, available for free @ If you want some inspiration from the dry hills (LIFE IN THE DESERT) or the woods (THE WISE TREES), help with quitting smoking (BREATHLESS) or a reminder of the impermanence of everything (ANICCA), watch one of my films on Youtube.

If reading is your thing – one of my books is already available for free (A CALL FROM THE UNKNOWN) and next year there will be another one (FRIDAYS FOR FRIDA). All other books, from THE LITTLE BUDDHA to MISS GOD, are available here, here, and here.

And hey, maybe you've just stumbled across this page and acutally hate music, films and books. Fair enough. But you're still welcome to make a donation to my Paypal account:

Happy Christmas 2020!


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